Every Day Is A School Day

Hi and welcome to Eagle Project’s blog. This is where we intend to share with you — Jo Public — some hints, tips, and insights into what we do here at EP.

Our beginner course is designed to ease entrants into the basics of becoming an electrician. As we get a mix of talent, the ultimate goal of this stage of the course is to baseline everyone’s knowledge, preparing them for the latter stages. Of course, basic safety training is provided along with the theory behind it. Course elements such as Grounding, Know your Enemy is a fun way for students to learn the fundamental elements that contribute to electric shock… so that they can mitigate the risk of it happening to them at any point during their careers.

It is at this stage that our students are provided with their working equipment, such as Avometers, rubber-soled, steel-toe-capped boots, overalls, wire cutters, and much more. We go one step further and provide an introductory but thoroughly detailed walkthrough on how and why to use certain pieces of equipment.

The first course in our series is relatively short. If taken full time, which most students do, it is run over a five-week period. Towards the end of the course, students undergo a structured assessment, which comprises a theoretical test and practical elements. We rest all students at the end of every module to ensure they have learned and understood the fundamentals of the course. Students who fail are further coached and supported through the areas that present them with the most challenge.

Once a student has passed a module assessment, they are free to progress to the next level. For our beginners, this will be one of the courses that precede the intermediate stage.

We try to mix things up and endeavor to keep curricula current and up to date. To that end, and where possible, we invite guest speakers/coaches to come in and assist students. Usually these people are local, skilled, and fully-qualified professionals, who are kindly willing to impart their knowledge, which has been gained through many years of experience.

We’re proud of what we do and have been blessed with an exemplary record. In fact, we have a 98 percent pass-rate, and our student go on to earn circa $35,000 on average following their graduation. This is a testament to the quality of our program and something we are very proud of.

We hope you have enjoyed this post and invite you to get in touch if you are, or know of someone who might be, interested in our courses. Stay tuned for more insights, news, and guidance–speak with you all next time.